Friday, October 9, 2009

Isnt it a pain to keep one's PC configuration up to date?

A photo of a microATX motherboard with an AMD ...Image via WikipediaI bought my PC way back in the nineties when Pentium III was a top notch processor, 128MB RAM was considered out of the box and when 40GB of hard disk space was considered enormous. However that configuration didnt last me long, soon it was time for me to update my PC to something more "sturdy".

Come the new millennium and I got myself a brand new AMD processor. Dont remember the model no. Maybe it was something like AMD Athlon XP 2000+. Upgraded my RAM to 256 MB and then later to 512 MB. And got a top notch motherboard (at least it was top notch then!) Asus A7N. Didnt let go of the hard disk though.

My next upgrade was about 3-4 years later when I got an AMD Sempron 3200+, 1GB of RAM (with an MSI K9MM-V motherboard) and a 160GB hard disk and got an sleek TFT panel. And now as so many times in the past, I'm feeling obliged to change my PC configuration, again! I'm thinking of either going for an AMD Phenom or Athlon 64bit, around 3Ghz and getting a 3GB RAM (as I already have 1GB from my current configuration), and getting a Nvidia graphics card.

With technology progressing at break-neck speed, its important to keep up with the latest in business. But seriously isnt this constant upgrading a pain in the arse? I mean, I spend loads of money every time on something which isnt even going to last me 5 years? Wish upgrading PC configuration was cheaper! Pity...