Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy busy...erm Not

Of late I've developed a strange fascination for PC games. Primarily because I now have a more capable computer than ever before. Also because I've got a few days to spare before things at the studies spectrum get going.

I frankly admit, I was never the gamer. Playing games on a PC was looked down upon in my family back in the day. Mum always used to say that playing games, which she equated with wasting time, on a PC was misusing the device. One should better utilise time by doing what good boys do, searching Wikipedia all day (yeah as if that ever worked).

Anyway, since I was never the gamer (deja vu?) I never really experienced what half life 2 or crysis meant to a gamer. Trying to make up for lost time I've of late taken it upon myself the task of experiencing or if I'm lucky, completing a few contemporary critically acclaimed games. I started off by playing Crysis. The most specs heavy game probably ever created. My Nvidia GT 525M handled the game pretty well and I quite comfortably completed all the levels on a high (graphically speaking).

Then of course I realised that the holy grail for every PC gamer was the orange box. The "best game deal ever", consisting of, well an orange box having two DVDs full of five fantastic games. Half life 2, half life 2 episode 1, episode 2, team fortress 2 and the quite brilliant, portal.

Half life 2 has of course been hailed as one of the best games ever created, a title I firmly believe should go to Crysis. Anyway, overrated though it may be, its vastly entertaining and brilliant. It combines the element of puzzles with the thrill of a first person shooter. And the result is a gorgeous game, and as many say, the best game ever created.

Many more games to look forward to. Not a lot of time to spare.