Friday, May 14, 2010

Khap Panchayat

When was the first time I heard the term? A few weeks back on NDTV. It was a show hosted by Barkha Dutt. Maybe it was 'We The People'.

What was my first reaction? Khak panchayat! (?)

Anyway, I guess you must have heard reports about this Khap Panchayat in various news channels recently. These pseudo unrecognised judicial system headed by (in most cases) illiterate folks, have taken upon themselves the task of cleasing the nation of all ills. Which in other words mean, that they dont give a rats arse about the Indian judicial system and are basically trying to create a law of their own. Result? Innocent people are suffering in the hands of these morons who claim to be the know-it-all. And the worst part? The dare to come on national television and defend their stance of rendering speedy justice (whether its at all 'justice' is something I'm in serious doubt).

So why do people in villages (where these pseudo systems of justice thrive) need such panchayats? Well apparently, they think the country's judicial system is a #fail and that they can render a better verdict than the Indian courts. Dangerous waters? Horrendous waters me say. These stupid organisations are so barbarically barbaric (eww what was that?) that one would shudder at the kind of 'justice' they have rendered so far. (Read more: )

Conclusion? Well the Talibans may not be present in India but hell we have our own home grown indigenous group of Talibans! And whats more shocking is that Congress MP Navin Jindal has come out openly in support of these panchayats. (Read more: )This is where I shout WTF!!!