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Lemme start by saying that I hate anything astrology. Mainly because its plain crap (9 out of 10 times) and also because it sort of changes our mindset. Okay there's another reason, there was this astrologer (there still is actually) and he had said to me that I wouldnt be able to clear any medical entrance exams in West Bengal and that I was more suited for engineering studies than for medicine. Well, I did exactly the opposite (of course I cleared the state medical entrance exam and now I'm a med student in one of the most reputed colleges in the state!) So maybe thats another reason why I hate these folks.

Anyway, the reason why I'm writing all this? Well its the new year season and all newspapers are concentrating on what the 'oracles' are saying. For example, today in The Telegraph's Graphiti section, there was this huge cover story of 'The Oracles Speak' (click on it to read the article), and apparently the most 'respected' astrologer Bejan Daruwalla predicts that Mr. Rahul Gandhi will become PM in 2011. His exact words (which can be found in that link) are as follows:

Ganesha also says that Rahul Gandhi will become prime minister in 2011. But he will pay a huge price for it emotionally.

Now, what do you think? In all probability I think this time Mr. Daruwalla might have got it wrong. Coz the next in line doe the PM's post after Mr. Manmohan Singh's tenure is over is Mr. Pranab Mukherjee who narrowly missed the PM's slot this time around. (And thats of course considering the fact that BJP will be in the same mess in 2011 that they are in right now)

Mr. Daruwalla goes on to say:

Our only real rival on the global stage is China but China has been unfair to Tibet. And by the law of nature, sooner or later, what we do to others boomerangs on us.

I mean WTF! Who on earth set the law of nature? Now dont blame this on Darwin, he merely talked about natural selection and stuff.

This is the Age of Aquarius. This means that in about four years, there will be a compromise between the terrorists and the rest of the world. But over the next one year, terrorists will be very active.

Mr. Daruwalla, I'm no astrologer and I dont need my oracles and shit to tell me that the terrorists will be active over the next year. Lemme predict and say this, unless the root of all terrorist activity is demolished, there wont be any significant reduction in terrorism throughout the world. And by the look of things, terrorism will still be a problem our country has to deal with for at least another decade. And as far as compromise is concerned, well we are always compromising with the terrorists. What our politicians call "bouncing back" etc. (eg. Mumbai bounces back/fights back) is merely a show of the sheer helplessness of us citizens. Anyway, point is one need not be an astrologer to predict what Mr. Daruwalla said.

I'm a Scorpio and this is what Mr. Daruwalla says about us: (prediction for 2010 that is)

Scorpio: Scorpios love to love. But women are expensive creatures, so husbands beware and lovers, take care.

Seriously, is that a prediction? I wont get abusive so, no comments here.

Says Nilaanjana Chakraborty, another astrologer,

Marriage is on the cards for Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan in 2010

Hehe, people just need to keep in touch will celeb gossips to predict that!

Says Marjorie Orr, yea she's again one of those hallowed people:

I think Iran looks right in the firing line to pick up the worst of this aspect. At the very least, it will face an internal revolution of a major variety. Israel too looks to be in for a panicky, failure- ridden two years.

I can imagine Christiane Amanpour saying that, not an astrologer!

Anyway, the more instances I mention the longer this post will get and the more irritated I'll become. Go read the article for yourself and let me know what you think of it.

And here's wishing you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year. (And dont blame me if you dont have a prosperous year, I just wished you, that was no prediction!)

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