Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boring awards ceremonies

British comedians are simply brilliant. They simply are. The British have a very rich tradition when it comes to comedy, especially stand up. From the inimitable and charming Ronnie Corbett to the brutally insensitive, but hilarious, Jimmy Carr, the people in the Isles have it all. However somehow, British comedy hasn't really crossed over to the US with much success. Popular British TV shows have somehow failed miserably to capture the attention of the Americans. Top Gear being the biggest example. The most popular automobile show on the planet, which is outstandingly hilarious throughout, has somehow not been popular in the US and the producers had to come up with a whole new show just for the American viewers.

Quite surprising then that someone like Ricky Gervais has managed to leave the entire television audience, not just in the US, but across the globe, screaming for more. There was a time when awards ceremonies were all about being politically correct and gently steering away from controversies. In came Ricky, and changed the course of things. No longer was anything, and I mean anything, considered holy. The snobs in Hollywood got a taste of the political incorrectness to the point where it actually resulted in an increase of TV ratings. The Golden Globes overnight became the Ricky Gervais show. And his repeated appearances as the host only consolidated that.

Anyone remember the Academy Awards? Yeah, apparently it's the biggest awards show on the planet. Did I just hear you say 'lame'? Well, I couldnt agree with you more! Over the years, the Oscars have turned out to be nothing more than disappointing. As for me, I do look forward to the Oscars, but only to check the winners' and nominees' list. And I believe I have spoken for a lot of people. I realise that it's preposterous (well, to some at least) to let Ricky host the Academy Awards, but seriously, after the drop in ratings, it doesn't seem such a bad idea after all.

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