Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shashi Tharoor and the Cattle Class

Shashi Tharoor campaigning in ThiruvananthapuramImage via WikipediaWhat a shame that a simple "cattle class" reference by one of the most respected diplomat (former diplomat should I say?) is being turned into a stupid controversy! Shashi Tharoor is the only Indian politician who has the bloody guts to tweet! Why on earth cant we just respect that, instead of criticising each and every statement that he makes? Cattle class is in no way being referred to the passengers of the economy class but to the cattle like treatment being meted out to the passengers!

An Indian politician makes a perfectly classy and humorous, and this is how we treat him? Forcing him to quit his post?

Oh please, cant we be a little more sensible? The other day NDTV asked people whether they actually knew the meaning of "Cattle Class", and none of people asked did!

We really need to get something straight, do we need to free our country of corruption and corrupt politicians or do we play the age old misinterpretation game?

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