Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cant think of a title!

Picture taken in 2005 at Maddox Square, Kolkata.Image via WikipediaI never expected that maintaining a blog would be this hard! Well it really is. Call me lazy, but posting new stuff consistently seems to be getting a bit difficult. Especially when nothing much is happening at my end.

I mean I'm attending the same college (of course I am!), the classes are as boring as ever, and there's nothing interesting worth mentioning.

But wait, may be there is! Ah yes, my semester exams start from the first week of October and my 2nd Prof final starts from the second week of December, thats something to keep me busy isnt it? Well it should be, but for the moment I'm happy to take in the intoxicating autumn smell and the priceless ambience of the oncoming Durga Puja (yes thats right, the festivities start from the 24th, I think).

Okay this is gonna sound really random and crappy, but I watched BBC Entertainment for the first time today. It was always there, but never cared to watch it. I have to say, a strong Scottish accent coming out from a TV right in the middle of Kolkata does seem a bit "out of place" (?)

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