Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dumb Luck

The Indian Hockey team at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
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In case you were wondering, I'm talking about the Indian hockey team, which has virtually crashed out of the Hockey World Cup 2010.

Remember all those stupid ads? Watch the hockey world cup or get shot, said Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Cheer with me, said Sehwag. And guess what that blackmailing had actually worked! At least when it came to pulling the crowds to the stadium, it did work. I was quite frankly, a bit surprised to see such huge crowds in the stadiums.

I personally never really enjoyed hockey. Men playing with their sticks never sounded encouraging to me. Sorry, bad joke. Anyway, inspite of this strong dislike for hockey I still mustered enough patience to switch on the tele and tune in to Doordarshan. The only other time I would watch that channel would be during the Republic Day Parade.

But after all the moolah had been earned from advertising and ticket sales, the onus was on the Indian hockey team to perform. And thats where the problem lied. No one gave a damn about making sure the Indian team was well prepared for the world cup. At least not the team management clearly. Its a real pity that when the Indian hockey team got all the attention it was shouting for, for so many years, the team decided to put in a lacklustre performance. I havent seen many hockey world cups but I'm sure instances of the home team crashing out even before reaching the semis is rare. I dont think the Indian hockey management or whatever crap they call themselves should ever shout about cricket hogging all the attention undeservedly. Because frankly from now on that allegation will be an imbecile and idiotic one. Indian cricket team gets all the attention coz they are f*ckin brilliant! Period.

Will I ever give hockey another chance? I dont know, maybe if these guys pull up their socks and decide to do some 'real' hard work and perform, I might. Or else, to me, the glory of our national game is a thing of the past.


  1. It is really sad, I'm a cricket freak but do care about the National game and used to watch it avidly years ago. Question remains if we start watching it and paying attention to it like we do to cricket, will the management be more involved and give the players what they need to become a great team again?