Thursday, March 4, 2010


I admit, I couldnt find a better title.

The newspapers here have turned into comic magazines. Literally. There's something in the Telegraph today about two boys being taken to their dad's workplace. Which is fine, only until you know that the hallowed workplace happened to be an ATC office at JFK. The kids were being directed by their dad to read out messages and stuff, some of which turned out to be really hilarious. For one, the boys bade 'adios amigo' to a Mexican flight, and was involved in a friendly chit chat with other pilots. "Awesome job" was once such remark. Sounds cool? Well apparently not. The concerned department in the US isnt amused. The employee has been suspended and further action is likely to be taken soon. Yeah yeah, a rather boring climax. But then again, they couldnt have given the kid a promotion, right?

Then comes our very own sex-guru (aka spiritual leader), Swami Nithyananda. Caught red handed in 'the act' involving a B-grade actress of the 90s, the guru is now untraceable. Some people including famous ones like Shekhar Kapur whose blog I follow argue that its because of our perception of the concept of sex, that we are finding it difficult to digest this sort of a thing. "So a Guru has had sex. Who decided that he/she must not ? The Guru or you ?" Kapur says. (His blog post can be found here)
I couldnt agree with you more Mr. Kapur. It high time that we had some sex gurus who would give us a pictorial (in this case videographic) guide to good sex, that too with an actress.
Yes, he has betrayed the trust of his followers (many of whom I hear happen to be celebs and whos who in various fields), but hey, he did do something. Guys, we now have a guru who is man enough to give us sex lessons! Pity there'll be only one episode of his tutorial class. The Telegraph reported that CDs of Nithyananda's sexcapade is now selling for 80-100 bucks. Dude! Gimme a break okay. A Swami having sex, for 80 bucks? There's far better stuff on the internet for free! In this age of recession, learn to save the moolah folks.

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