Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally blogging again

Its been a hellova long time since I posted anything on my blog. Bad me!

Thing is, like it or not, microblogging is far more interesting or lets say easier than 'macroblogging' (thats what wordpress blogs are called now I guess). Twitter, stupid as it might seem, is indeed a powerful medium of communication (yeah as if you're hearing that for the first time! :P) Anyway, to cut the long story short, I was too preoccupied with other stuff including twitter, hence the lack of blog posts.

In the meantime though, the world has changed. Really? Hell yeah! The iphone 4 is out now, and its changed everything, apparently. Steve Jobs was in a jovial mood that day as he launched his new pet 'i' device. It now has video calling and Jobs made it sound so awesome that it almost seemed as if he'd invented the technology. (Anyway I can video call on my N97 mini just for the info. And if you have one of these symbian devices, use a software called Fring to connect to and make video calls via wifi or 3G. If you're on the iphone 4 however make sure you ask all fellow wifi users to switch off their devices so that you can 'video call'. Not sure if they'd be elated to make that sacrifice for you, but hey you can always say that Steve Jobs said so, maybe then they'll listen to you)

Enough of Jobs bashing. Was watching a really nice movie the other day about the Israel Palestine conflict, Salt of this sea. Its a really shocking movie and I'd highly recommend watching it. I think the Israel Palestine issue has been kept alive for long time and enough lives have been lost/taken. Its high time that an amicable solution acceptable to all parties was reached.

Other than that I've been busy attending boring lectures in college (okay some interesting ones as well), visiting (or touring rather, still not qualified enough to handle/help others) rural health centres and learning a lot about the healthcare system of this country. Tell you what, its a pity that when loads and loads of schemes are being devised by the government, age old superstitions and prejudices still rule the roost, at least in the rural areas. Sad that.

(And now I cant find the zemanta toolbox in the wordpress page. Great, so that means adding tags from my collection of whims and fancies. Great.)

Anyway, thanks for reading. Stay safe, keep smiling (wait that was like sooo gay!) and have fun. Till next time, adios.



  1. 2 things to say:

    1. i look forward to read you take on the indian health care system

    2. isn't it rude nowadays to use "that was so gay" in a derisive manner? not cool bro'!

  2. and yeah. anytime you need jobs bashing, you got me to get your back!

  3. 2. not if u mean it as humour. had nothing sinister in mind, i do respect gays, in fact have mentioned it in an earlier post.

  4. i agree... and in fact i was wondering that if it was our profession which makes us shackle ourselves a bit and become very touchy about anything sensitive and makes us stop making those controversial, borderline remarks!

    good to see that you still are making them, and with flair!


    btw, i miss scrubs too!