Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My tryst with programming

Strangely enough the programming bug in me has received a stimulus, yet again. Somehow I've gotten really interested in java. Am I somehow missing programming? Not that I was an avid programmer at any given time, infact my feeble and insufficient knowledge of programming is only limited to some BASIC which I learnt years ago in high school. But even though BASIC is sort of a noob's language I loved it. I played around with it so much that after a few months of learning the language I was creating programmes which were unconventional at least syllabus wise, I was drawing pictures, creating quiz apps with elaborate certificate print outs once you qualified till the final round (lol) etc. In short I was in love with BASIC and was more or less convinced that programming would be or had to be my profession.

Unfortunately life had other plans for me. I soon became interested in something as unrelated to engineering as ice cream is to onion. Biology. A subject which till then I had considered to be a mindless mugging up regimen, suddenly captured my imagination. I was sceptical of myself quite frankly when this sudden transformation in me took place, and wished and hoped that it was a passing phase. But it was not. Soon I was convinced that I had to pursue this awesome subject and do something meaningful with my life. Medicine was my true calling. And fortunately I was insanely lucky to clear one of the toughest entrance exams of this country and got accepted in a reputed med school.

But frankly, my passion for programming never left me. I soon discovered Linux and fell in love with it. Ubuntu has been my only OS for a long time now and I would highly recommend it. But frankly whats the fun of using open source softwares if you dont 'give back'? Hence my urge to learn programming more seriously. But since I dont have the time to go through books and all, I have stuck to online tutorials. Of course, my friend Vivek (@milcom_) has helped me out immensely, I would be stranded in deep sh*t without his help. Hope I can start making simple apps real soon.

Anyway thats all there is to it. Thanks for reading. Take care folks.

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