Monday, July 26, 2010

May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss - my review

Arnab Roy (aka Greatbong) is a well known face in the blogsphere. His blog has won numerous awards and has been hailed 'blog of the year' twice. Now I'll be frank with you here, I was never really a fan of his blog. Never cared to subscribe.

But when the guy came up with a full fledged book, one just could not ignore him any further. Also for around 200 bucks, one couldnt really call it an expensive buy. Hence I got hold of it and gave it a read.

What did I make of it? Well honestly, the book is definitely worth a read. Definitely. Arnab has humour in his kitty and he uses that to his advantage. His writing style is casual and even though it may not be a literary work of the highest standard, it surely is something which one will treasure. While going through the first few chapters, I did feel that this was written primarily with the NRI readers in mind. But as I delved deeper I realised that it could be just as true for any Indian in any part of India. Flair is something Arnab has been gifted with and that confidence and flair shows in every page of every chapter of the book. Its not a novel as the author clearly explains. Its more of a 3rd person's view of the 80s and the 90s.

Although I found it quite readable, all the chapters werent of the same standard and my interest fluctuated wildly till I read half the pages (at which point I realised that I couldnt just throw the book away). But inspite of all that I would like to congratulate Arnab for a truly great debut. May we see much more of him in the future.


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