Saturday, July 10, 2010

The N97 Mini - Exposed (Part 2)

(If you havent read the first part of this post, kindly go through it for a more detailed analysis)

That the N97 Mini is having a low quality battery is well known. However the thing is, the battery does get heated up pretty soon and due to the heat generated the phone body (especially the back) becomes insanely hot. A 30 min call from my friend resultedin the phone getting so hot that I had to disconnect to prevent my ears from getting burnt. Thats simply unacceptable on a 21st century device. Although heating is not an issue when one is using 2G or GPRS connections, during wifi usage the phone becomes a pressure cooker. Again, not acceptable on a device which costs around/more than $400.

I am an avid ebook-reader and I am appalled at the lack of ebook readers at the ovi store. Adobe pdf is an extrememly slow ebook reader and so is a bunch of other softwares.

All platforms have proper ebook reading softwares, Well thats what you are supposed to do if a phone with a large screen size. Now anyone please make Nokia understand this. Starving new phones of hardware resources can only erode fan bases. And thats what it needs to learn.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back with more.

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  1. I have the original N97. I prefer it to the iPhone but it can be a bit tempremental. Main thing missing is an onscreen keyboard. The slide out one is good but sometimes I prefer it onscreen. i don't know why Nokia haven't added one. The latest Opera Mini web broswer has one and it works perfectly. Hopefully it will be included in a firmware update soon.