Monday, November 29, 2010

High end compact or a DSLR?

Category:Photographers who committed suicideImage via WikipediaIf you happen to be a professional photographer then its not really an issue. DSLR will always be the safer and the better option. However for an amateur/wannabe pro/advanced amateur its a life or death situation. The first camera is always the easiest to buy. Its generally a point and shoot with decent features and more importantly available at an attractive price point. Thereafter though things get a little difficult and more complicated. The second camera is something you will stick with for a certain amount of time. So getting the right thing is important.
A high end compact point and shoot camera these days offer just as many features as a DSLR. You can change aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc. Some of the really high end compacts (like say Canon SX30 IS) even have the shooting in RAW mode, something which is a defining factor for a DSLR these days. So frankly, to someone who is a wannabe pro, the difference between the two types of cameras isnt really that distinct.
The DSLR has the advantage of changeable lenses which basically allow you to explore the world from various perspectives. The ability to add filters and other accessories to the camera is an added bonus for many. However all these add to the bulk one has to carry while travelling. Imagine carrying three or four or more types of lenses in your bag, changing them at the right time while making sure that the sensor doesnt get damaged. To a pro this may seem pretty simple, or lets say something which comes as part of the package. To a not-so-pro guy (someone like me) this is a dealbreaker. I want a camera which can do some pretty extreme photography without having to worry about having a coolie (not meant in a derogatory sense) carrying the accessories.
This is a situation I'm currently being faced with. Still to decide which team I want to be on. But team compact is as of now my favourite.

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