Friday, December 3, 2010

Why I Hate Winters

Windbeeches on the Schauinsland in Germany (Bl...Image via Wikipedia
1. Winters are cold.
2. Winters are cold (pun intended).
3. Winters are for vegetables (no pun intended!)
4. Innocent animals get killed in winters (for the pleasure of the fashionistas).
5. Winters are for people who like "dressing up". (not that I'm a nudist. But wearing layers and layers of woollen clothes SUCK!)
6. Winters have shorter days. (I mean seriously, arent the above points torturing enough?)
7. Winters have long nights. (oh that was kinda the continuation of the last point)
8. Winter is a bad time for birdwatching. (pun intended? Well I'll leave that to you)
9. It impossible to wake up early in winters.
10. Did I say winters were cold?

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