Saturday, June 13, 2009

Facebook username

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Everyone's excited about it. At last I noticed the notification on my facebook page informing me that I could now get a username.

Cool enough. I had a dilemma however. My twitter username was vacant_heart and not using the same on facebook would dilute the very essence of using a username.
But damn! I wanted to keep it real. After all, most real people on twitter use real usernames. Also, as someone most eloquently put it, you can change your real name via affidavit, but you cant change your facebook username! So, I kept it plain and simple "arnab_das", my real name. But again another problem crept up, I couldnt use an "_". Dont know why, but for some strange reason, facebook doesnt allow usernames to have an "_". Now an underscore is the very essence of a twitter username isnt it? Again, I had no option but to go for a silly looking "arnab.das".

Again, twitter doesnt allow "." in usernames! Now I was well and truly screwed!

What to do? Had no option but to go for "arnab_das". :(
Also, I did something interesting. I removed all traces of vacant heart from all my blogs and stuff. So from now on everywhere I post, I'll be using my real name. As they say, lets keep things real!

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  1. It's nice you're keeping it real. The world would be a much better place if everyone did the same.