Monday, June 29, 2009

My browser dilemma

Mozilla FirefoxImage via WikipediaTo be frank, I never ever thought I would face such a situation. I am totally pissed off as I write this post.

All I was asking for was a plain and simple browser with decent speed and easy functionality. Is this asking for too much? Apparently, yes.

The problem with firefox is that...its just a browser, nothing else. I mean it just browses and does nothing more. The loading time of firefox isnt really impressive compared to its google counterpart and opera.
Next I checked out Flock, a firefox based browser but with a lot of tweaks. Now thats all cool, except for the fact that its still in beta and very much so. Loads of irritating problems and bugs. Also, because its not yet a stable version provides ample opportunies for hackers to take advantage of its instabilities.
Finally had no other option but to check out the crappy google chrome. I know it has privacy issues, but the fact that browsing speeds are mind blowing is what lured me. Even here I was thoroughly disappointed, the browser not just hangs, it screws up big time even while chatting on facebook!

As you can see, I am left with no other option but to return to firefox. Lets hope we see better browsers in the future, coz the present batch is pure and utter crap.


  1. Have you tried Iron browser? I was in your same situation and downloaded it... but I did go back to Firefox after tweaking it for speed. But if you want something plain and fast... try Iron. It's the same without the lame Google spying.

  2. well at the moment i'm currently hooked on ubuntu. and firefox has a cool linux version of it called "Swiftfox" which i should say is way faster than the standard version of the browser. wonder why it doesnt have a windows counterpart though.