Sunday, October 3, 2010

No More Potter, Please!

J. K. Rowling has recently hinted that she might come up with the eighth, ninth or even a tenth Harry Potter novel if she felt like it. Harry Potter has been an epic success for not just the author and the publishers but also the film industry (well WB specifically). Now all that success depended on two factors. One, Rowling's command as a breathtakingly wonderful writer and two, the readers' desire to read more about Potter's adventures.

The readers have since then "grown up", quite literally as well. To expect the same kind of frenzy around Potter books now would be nothing short of foolishness. I am a huge Potter fan and have read and reread every single page of every single Potter novel numerous times. I believe the Harry Potter series has reached a logical conclusion and no one should tamper with it any more. It has been a magical journey and a near perfect one. Lets us not spoil the magic. Releasing another Potter novel after such a conclusive Deathly Hallows would be disastrous, especially for us fans. I hope the J. K. Rowling realises that.

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