Monday, October 4, 2010

What's Next For India?

Now that the Commonwealth Games Delhi have gone on to a great start, thanks to the stunning opening ceremony, there is talk among various sections about India bidding for hosting the Olympics.

Its a natural progression one would say from the 'not-so-widespread' Commonwealth Games to the Olympics. But one needs to realise that the people in power have been very shoddy in their work. Deadlines have been missed consistently (in the works of Mike Hooper), bridges have collapsed and animals from dogs to reptiles have been found in the Games Village.

Even if the games do manage to happen flawlessly it will only be a matter to sheer luck and nothing else. After all it was only after the Prime Minister intervened that things started moving on ground zero. Imagine therefore, the fiasco that would befall upon us if we were to bid for the Olympics. Sure it would enhance our country's image as a growing superpower but frankly that was supposed to happen with the CWG too. Instead our nation's image has taken a beating. Can we risk that all over again? Do we really have the guts to rise above all difficulties? Do we? That is for the people at power to answer. For me, India has a long way o go before it starts getting professional about these things. Till then, we should stick to providing our poor with basic needs.

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