Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Obama Visit

So finally its Obama time, India! The US President who is projected as a saviour by almost everyone has desired to land in the largest democracy in the world.

For what? Erm...not sure. He sure wont be strengthening India's bid to join the United Nations Security Council as a permanent member. He sure wont be liberal when it comes to visas. So basically he would be touching upon all non controversial topics, discussing them with our Prime Minister and claim to have had a successful series of talks.

I used to be a big fan of Obama and I still believe that he is, in the current situation, the best person for the job. But he is so conventional! So predictable. He chooses to please all in his speeches and time and again portrays, or at least tries to portray himself as a do-gooder.

The United States has its share of issues, as a recent beautiful piece of article in the Hindustan Times by the ever so articulate Vir Sanghvi shows (India is fighting a lone war against terror). I think it should sort out its own issues and agendas first before choosing sides and literally deciding the fate of nations.

I, as an Indian, welcome the US President to my country. But I would also request him to look into the matters which are troubling South Asia. It is perhaps time for him to be clear and concise for the sake of innocent people in the region. It is time for some action, Mr. President.

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