Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anime vs Cartoon

Face of Wikipe-tanImage via WikipediaI am being forced to write about this, coz recently I have been stunned by some really really awesome anime stuff.

I had a certain prejudice about anime. I always thought they were really crappy animation thingies brought to light thanks to their publicity and Japanese background, US bashing, Japanese superiority etc etc. But the thing is, anime is really really cool! Infact I think to some extent it could even rival a standard cartoon!

The artwork and detail in most (if not all) anime series are simply superb, soundtracks (title tracks etc.) are awesome to say the least (and original as well!) and the plots are stunning, and the action sequences...well do I need to elaborate? I dont think I have ever come across an anime series (on tele) which turned out to be boring. As far as cartoon is concerned, I guess they have become monotonous or maybe have grown out of it.

And year after year anime is creating waves across the world, be it Naruto or Avatar; anime is here to stay and win accolades around the world for a long long time to come.

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