Sunday, July 12, 2009

Avatar is awesome!

Lego Avatar: The Last AirbenderImage via Wikipedia
Just checked out a really awesome animation series. Avatar - the last airbender. Now I know many of might say..."what? Thats so yesterday!" Yeah you're right. But the thing is, in India we didnt get to watch this awesome series.

Anyway, the thing is, the animation is simply superb! It reminded me of the days of "clean" animation, when the artwork used to be beautiful and the animation stunning! Not like today's 3D stuff (not that I hate 3D, just that the good old 2D still manages to stun me!). And apart from the amazing artwork, the thing which stands out most is the awesome storyline/plot and the humour. Avatar is an ultimate amalgamation of the best in graphics and storytelling. Amazing is the word!

Yip yip!

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