Sunday, July 5, 2009

Roger Federer...the greatest ever!

Roger in his quarterfinal match at the 2007 Ci...Image via Wikipedia
This Wimbledon win of Roger takes his tally to 15 career grand slams. Now that is no mean feat. Infact he's the first one in history to have done it. Although, I might say Roddick was the better player in today's match, Federer was clearly the luckier one.

What an epic battle this was. 2009 Wimbledon Men's final is gonna be remembered for a very very long time to come. And lemme be frank and admit, this one was one of the longest tennis matches I've seen, to the extent of rivalling the 2008 epic finale (both quality and duration wise).

The biggest question one might ask is, now that Roger has won the most number of grand slams, is he the greatest ever? Simple answer, he is. And he's just 27, so he has a few more years to go, now that means he is definitely going to have a few more shots at grand slams, and if he's lucky (lucky I say, because Nadal, Djoko, Murray and now Roddick are breathing down his neck) he might win a few.

Congratulations to a great player and a great human being.


  1. Fedex rocks and there are no two thoughts or questions about it . And an excellent read too !!

  2. he is truly great..and the composure he maintains is almost saint like!!