Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My review of Terminator Salvation

Christian Bale, 2008Image via Wikipedia
First up, whoever thought the terminator series is not just the same anymore, well you're right, especially after terminator salvation.

The thing is, the entire storyline of terminator series is getting so very stretched. And the proof of it is evident in every single scene of this movie. It was really heartening to see Christian Bale as John Conor. However what can an actor, even if he's Christian Bale, do with a non existent story?

Moreover I really dont see the point of signing up an awesome actress like Helena Carter and then giving her around 5 minutes of screen time! Unless of course there's something big lined up for her in the next instalment of the series. Also, a guest appearance by Arnie totally out of context, makes the movie all the more nonsensical.

Other than that, its a pretty ordinary movie with loads of special effects. Well even the special effects arent entirely mind blowing. Aerial scenes couldve been shot for a longer duration which would've added to the "awe factor". Also, terrible loopholes in the movie's storyline (I keep coming back to the storyline isnt it?) almost make it a Bollywood movie albeit all the special effects.

To sum it all, not one of the movies you'd want to miss, but definitely not a movie you should expect a lot from.

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