Monday, July 13, 2009

Arent holidays boring?

Pūpūkea, HawaiiImage via Wikipedia
Seriously, arent they? Okay short holidays are cool but long holidays are really crappy! Just experienced it first hand today.

Enjoying a 5 day break from college right now. Although it started off fine, and I really was enjoying it initially, its turning out to be really really boring now. Have nothing to do, but to watch stupid movies. I was reduced to being forced to watch the movie Bad Company! Thats how desperate my situation is!

Whats strange is that when I have college, I feel like - gosh wish I had a day off! And when finally I get loads of days off, it gets boring. Oh well, just one more day and then college kicks off again. Cant wait, cant wait!

P.S. I dont mind long holidays if they are this cool! (I mean like in Hawaii)

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  1. Hahaha !!

    Right , holidays suck ! They should be banned to the Bahamas !!