Friday, July 10, 2009

Where has the Pottermania gone?

Harry Potter (character)Image via WikipediaLumos!

Its the Potter season again. The sixth instalment of the Harry Potter series releases this week. One might ask, does one feel the Pottermania this time around? I dont, I'll be honest. Dunno why, maybe coz I've moved on since Harry Potter, maybe coz there are no more new Potter books to keep me busy anymore, maybe coz loads of other cool movies are releasing at the same time, or maybe a combination of all those reasons!

The thing is, most of the actors in the Harry Potter series have acted in other movies/tv shows. Now by doing those, they might have proven themselves to be versatile actors, but to crazy Potter fans (of which I might include myself, although I could well use the term "ex-crazy fan") it has spoiled the "magic" and enchantment of the entire series.

I really dont think this Potter movie is gonna be nearly as successful or as big a BO hit as its predecessors. The potter magic has simply vanished into thin air!


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